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holes extra yoga mat

  • Fabric Label Yoga Mat

    Contact Now Fabric Label Yoga Mat Fabric Label TPE Yoga Mat that yoga mat private label Made in China is an logo type in the yoga mat. It can kindly show your logo clearly and can not influence mats quality. Also this facric logo can wash it by water. Size is 24''*72'', new material, 3mm-10 optional, cheap price,Eco Friendly yoga mat private label.

  • Drawstring Printed Yoga Bag

    Contact Now Drawstring Printed Yoga Bag wholesale Shoulder Printed Yoga Bag from Guangzhou Kaixin, which is one of the leading drawstring printed yoga bag manufacturers and suppliers, and consult information with our factory. Drawstring Printed Yoga Bag will help you reduce more weight when you go out.

  • Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat

    Contact Now Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat covered with PU is made of PU + Natural rubbber material, which is eco-friednly material and non toxic. From its best size 183* 66 cm can Strong shock resistance, People can do every sport like yoga on it. However, The absorbent property is very good, after you used it and find it was dirty you can wash it by towel.

  • Multifunctional Yoga Nylon Bag

    Contact Now Multifunctional Yoga Nylon Bag Here are Eco Friendly Shoulder Printed Yoga Bag, Fashion Yoga Bag Made in China and make it easy to carry, but also can receive towel, clothes, cell phone and so on.The built-in space is big, the artificial design of science lets Nylon Yoga Bag show graceful posture, tie-in with gym suit to use better.