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eco new material suede mat

  • Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat

    Contact Now Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat Natrual PU Rubber Yoga Mat covered with PU is made of PU + Natural rubbber material, which is eco-friednly material and non toxic. From its best size 183* 66 cm can Strong shock resistance, People can do every sport like yoga on it. However, The absorbent property is very good, after you used it and find it was dirty you can wash it by towel.

  • Extra Thick Exercise Mat

    Contact Now Extra Thick Exercise Mat Our Sport Mat antibacterial yoga mat uses silver Ion as antibacterial material,and make sure yoga mat is clean and antibacterial. As our TPE fitness exercises mat Sport Mat made in China are made of light and hard alloy they are both portable and endurable.Eco Friendly TPE Fitness Mat has its size: 183*61cm and with its 6mm thickness.Many cusomters think it is a best Anti slip and High quality TPE Fitness Mat.

  • Suede Rubber/TPE Mat For Hot Yoga

    Contact Now Suede Rubber/TPE Mat For Hot Yoga Rubber mattpe matsuede mathot yoga mat Key Specifications/Special Features: Suede yoga mat is made of suede and natural rubber, a newly developed and patented material that is hypoallergenic, 100% PVC free and contains no latex, rubber or toxins. Our yoga mat is featured its top quality with low price, excellent cushioning, high elasticity and resilience

  • 2mm PU Yoga Mat

    Contact Now 2mm PU Yoga Mat PU travel yoga mat customize printed Made in China is receive many high prasied among foreign customer and High Quality digital printed PU yoga mat is our mainly manufacturing products. This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface.Besides, we also have our own PU Travel Yoga Mat factory, every year we produce more than 200 thousand pcs Eco Friendly PU Travel Yoga Mat for foreign.

  • Microfiber Rubber Yoga Mat

    Contact Now Microfiber Rubber Yoga Mat Customized Yoga Towel Made in China wholesale Manduka Yoga Mat from us, which is one of the cheap and supplier yoga mat manufacturers and s, with its light weight and soft material. Many customer like to carry it to travel. Its material is fabric and size is 180*66cm. Best price for this towel mat.