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Dharma Wheel

  • PU Coloured Yoga Wheel

    Contact Now PU Coloured Yoga Wheel The Printed eco yoga wheel we produced is characterized by its high quality, compact size, energy saving and is also easy to practice and easy to clean. There has been a steady demand in our market for this kind of eco bearing wheel.

  • TPE Coloured Dharma Wheel

    Contact Now TPE Coloured Dharma Wheel Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our yoga mat has met with a warm reception and quick sale in most Asian countries Like Korea, Vietnam, etc and it has all the features you need and more cheaper compared with that of other supplier make, I strongly recommend it to you.

  • PU Yoga Wheel

    Contact Now PU Yoga Wheel Welcome to wholesale cheap but high quality anti slip and eco friendly pu yoga wheel made in China from us, which is one of the leading pu yoga wheel manufacturers and suppliers, and consult information with our factory. PU Yoga Wheel Our Yoga Wheel is made of eco friendly PU and PC alloy...

  • New Material PC Alloy Body Wheel Eco TPE Yoga Wheels

    Contact Now New Material PC Alloy Body Wheel Eco TPE Yoga Wheels The yoga wheel is a new and fixed body balance yoga product, it does not only have round small size, and it is convenient to carry, the material environment is thick, bearing capacity can be better.The surface of TPE can be very good to contact with the body, making the yoga wheel have certain softness.

  • Yoga Balance Wheel gymnastic Eco Yoga wheel

    Contact Now Yoga Balance Wheel gymnastic Eco Yoga wheel Comfortable and energetic yoga wheel is made of of TPE and PC Alloy material. There are such characteristics of PC alloy like the bearing capacity strong, bears the impact performance to be good. It can improve your body balance and which popular with many professional yoga exercisers in outdoor activities.

  • Printing PC Alloy TPE Yoga Wheel For Exercise

    Contact Now Printing PC Alloy TPE Yoga Wheel For Exercise With it's beautiful design pattern, Newly design Dharam wheel is very popular among yoga sportors. Many customers will be flexible in their use of various yoga exercises to adjust their body well.In addition, this kind of wheel quality is very good, can design the pattern that oneself likes.

  • TPE Yoga Wheel

    Contact Now TPE Yoga Wheel We are a Yoga Wheel manufacturers in China for mre than 8 years. With our high quality yoga products and best price, many foreign customer like to work with us. This solid wheel is our main products.